Saturday, June 24, 2006

MAXImizing our chances?

Thank God this is not a radio show, because my voice has gone completely.

I don’t remember shouting and screaming like crazy as I did when MAXI scored that sensational goal in extra-time. Oh man! What a moment!

I don’t want to hear a word about Mexico. I’ll shake a leaf next time I see a green shirt near me. What an effort by them! What a performance! What a way to suffer for 120 minutes (and all those minutes in-between, they’re even worst than those minutes in which the ball is rolling!).


I remember reading one of your e-mails, and it pointed out a thing: ‘What will happen if Argentina are behind in the score? Will they have what it takes to comeback and win it?’

I think that one of the things we did have was LUCK! It’s not as simple as that. We didn’t win because of luck, I’ll be a fool to think we did. But we did have that brief moment of everything going our way and MAXI sent us to the quarter finals!

We’ve won and that’s something to celebrate. The way we’ve won, could serve us to build up some momentum again and to give our players the belief needed to go far in the World Cup.

I’m not happy with the way we played and I hope against Germany we don’t repeat any of the mistakes we made.

And before I finish, I want to have a word with you Mr. MAXI RODRIGUEZ:

If against Germany you want to repeat any of the things you did today, please, make yourself at home and be my guest!



Anonymous said...

OHHH Man!! what a game!! I´m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I can´t speak, I can´t move my self. I´m like a vegetal. I have lose all my energy during the Game!! I wish you were here, to saw the game together!! Maybe next time!!

Matan said...


I wish I was in Buenos Aires right now, like my Argentine father. I have worn the light blue and white jersey for all four games so far, and screamed myself horse in this one. Two of my American friends watched the game with me, and saw for the first time what football really is. It wasn't the team's greatest performance, but the albicelesti dug deep and found a way to win. Maxi Rodriguez is an instant hero, he's looking like one of the revelations of this World Cup. Bring on the hosts! We're better than them.

Vamos Argentina!!

ls said...

They say that, its one of the greatest matches so far, and its the hardest one for Argentina. The Mexicans have learnt us so thoroughly.

Our defense worried me. What's really wrong with Heinze today? He was not as firm as he used to be, and Scaloni was still not secure enough. I really missed Janetti, his firmness, his runs...Pekeman should have adjustment soon, the Germany is strong, and they had more than 11 players (13 including the referee and the supporters).

Seba said...

HEINZE was at fault in Mexico's goal and he never looked as secure as he use to be.

Thankfully he's playing alongside the magnificient AYALA and in front of ABBONDANZIERI who was as immense as his surname!

dj (seattle) said...

Maxi, what a beatiful goal!

but what happened to Tevez? he beat two men, broke into the box, then stopped instead of firing off his shot. i was very confused by that sequence.

and Messi! he was onsides. bad call by the ref.

but Mexico played a spirited game. they worked hard to push Argentina away from the game plan. i commend then for this.

i hope our men get the day off tomorrow - riquelme looked exhausted.

Germany will be beaten!

quietfisher said...

Here's one Washingtonian (Seattle area) whose heart almost stopped multiple times during this match! I've seen this team stronger than today, so I know they were not playing their best football. I also believe Germany can be beaten by the Albiceleste! I miss Argentina so I celebrate this win in spirit with the rest of you, wherever you reside! Vamos Argentina!

allan ng said...

It was not good football but in the end the game was won. I hope the team gets a good rest now and get things organized before we play Germany.

Scaloni was not so hot in that left back position, too. He played like an Englishman, sent in some dumb crosses that didn't even hit an Mexican player. Breaking our passing moves. Bad choice to go to West Ham.

Maxi, you will never leave the team now. I don't think Tevez can play alone upfront without either Crespo or Cruz or Saviola. He was often dribbling alone looking for people to pass to but there was just nobody.

Germany in Berlin is going to be the toughest game in these players lives. I hope they are successful as the German defence really isn't that hot.

sonaiko said...

Some points MUST be considered:

1. Tevez & Messi shouldnt be alone upfront. That was a HUGE mistake!! Messi did not have enough space to dribble, & tevez had nobody to pass to!!! Messi should play on the right, & tevez must be accompanied by Crespo or even Cruz.

2. Our defensive right side is BAD. remember guys, German's left side is their strongest with Lahm & Schewizentiger (did i spell that right??!!! :p ) so Scaloni, or even Bordisso, wont be able to do the perfect job. Peckerman must find a solution to this side, our weakness.

3. Aimar did bad. Cambiasso was not at his best, but i felt like we played with 10 men when aimar went into the bench. Dont get me wrong i know Aimar is very talented, but he was so so so bad yesterday. I would have preffered to see requilmeh in place of cambiasso & Messi to play attacking midfield.

4. DONT PLAY LONG BALLS!!! We suck with long high balls. Defense or attack, we suck at them. DONT PLAY LONG BALLS, PLEASE. Our best feature is the low accurate passes. so please, no long balls.

Jo said...

Hi, this is Jo from Singapore

I was screaming in joy when Maxi scored. Though it was a late late goal, it was also a goal that sent the Mexicans packing...

Our performance last night was horrendous. The Mexicans were in fact the better team. Nonetheless, i'm still rooting for my beloved argentina team, hoping for a miracle. (pls dun repeat such mistakes again against the germans)

Well, prayer have been "answered". =)

Anonymous said...

im' writing this from Somalia, horn of africa. last night's match was fantastic we learned more. as we are going forward and heading to the final we must do something different from that match against mexico. our midfield was bad and very very poor. what is more, saviola and crespo wasted 2 great chances what could make mexico go home already. what in hell is wrong with cambiasso that guy should change the way he plays. lets all know we are facing Germany who is in his home soil, we can beat them simply if guys think it would be hard, just come up strong midfield and great finishing and make no mistake. every chance you get from Gemans MUST BE BENIFITED. ignore the soil and the fans, just play good football that is your objective.


Maniac said...


To my opinion the Argentinian Juggernaut faces its toughest test ( even tougher than coming out on the top from the group of death) in the Quarter finals against a rejuveneated German side. Im not being sceptical but the 6-0 win over Serbia and Montenegro is history and Argentina (thanks to Maxi's unbelievable strike) came out from the round of 16 inspite of the fact that Mexico played better football in the match. Now its Germany. Ther Germans like Argentina have scored 10 goals in lesser playing time. From previous world cups Argentina must learn that defeating the hosts is never easy. South Korea stunned the likes of Spain and Italy in the last world cup whereas France taught the mighty Brazillians a lesson in 98. The majority of the support will be for the home side and lets be all prepared for that. Wait a minute do i sound like a German supporter. HELL NO!
Not even Klinsman would challenge the fact that the Argentinian bench strength apart from the playing 11, is one of the best (if not the best) in this world cup. But a team on paper never wins you games, its the team on the field which wins it. I would like to know what would be the starting eleven for Argentina for the game. I feel this quarter final would be won or lost in the midfield. And midfield is what im concerned about.

Vamos Argentina!

jask said...

I always felt that the main reason why Argentina is better than the other teams is the fantastic teamwork and comradarie shown amongst the team. Its going to get tough on Friday against Germany, but Argentina can make it. I really want to watch a good match. I hope Argentina doesn't bow its way out.

Dan the Man said...

The Argentine defensive scheme had better focus on the midfield a whole lot better than they did vs Mexico.

The crowd and the Ref will be on the Germans side.

Seba said...

No news about the line-up yet. If BURDISSO is fit, then he'll start at right back.

I think the key for Argentina will be to win the possession battle. If we manage to cut their fluid circuit in midfield, then they become harmless. And we become very dangerous against a couple of central defenders that rank amongst the worst in this World Cup.

The bench will be crucial, I agree, but in order for that to happen, we need to stay in the game until the second half.

If we conceed early goals, then it'll probably be too late for MESSI, TEVEZ or AIMAR to come in and change things.

It'll be a totally different game than against Mexico and I think it'll be a kind of game more suitable to our style.

MASCHERANO and CAMBIASSO need to be more than focus because the Germans have a special inclination to shoot from outside the box.

Achtung Argentina!

teNNo said...

Seba is definatly right, we need to streangthen the midfield and distribute and pass the ball around. I would prefer to have Lucho Gonzalez along mascherano; Cambiasso losses his focus too much at times. Germans seems to deploy a very much direct football. They don't really seeem to tab the ball around much. Yet, things may change and definately I'm not going to underestimate them. But, we did Knock a host nation out in the WC 1990..ITALY in the semis. However, I believe everyargentine players and fan will never forget WC 1990 finals. Its REVENGE time people. Lets Rally behind our beloved ARGENTINA.


teNNo said...

Guys, any news about Lucho Gonzalez ? Has he recovered yet ?

pablitoaimar21 said...

hi guys! what we have seen yesterday was argentina's worst performance till now. and im saying till now because now we'll play against the favorites of winning the world cup, the germans. we've seen a poor argentina midfield, unable to contribute in attack. i believe cambiasso performed terribly. he was unable to take controll in the midfield like his teammate mascherano, who was fighting for the whole 120 minutes.i'm not saying that cambiasso shouldn't play,but unfortunately he hasn't fullfilled our expectations. what can we say about riquelme now? requelme didn't have his day. and because of this nothing went ok. riquelme made a lot of wrong passes, especially during the extra time. maybe he was so tired because he didnt have a chance to rest throughout the year, or because he was well blocked from mexico's midfield. i hope that gameplay won't be replayed with the germans cause they'll not feel sorry for us.
morevorer, another thing we've seen was the poor performance from the defence. AYALA is my man, my hero and once again he played perfect. heinze though, didnt perform well. believe me, i know that player very well and i like the way he's playing. let's hope he'll leave behind that performance. and scaloni...
what about him? why did he use him? i believe he shouldnt be on the bench either. scaloni made a lot of wrong passes and his marking was poor.i think, in order to have a chance against germany, milito is the man. he's very talented in marking and i'm sure he'll do better than scaloni.
now about my man, AIMAR. unfortunately he proved to be unready to play in the team.his continuous injuries proved to be disastrous.i love that player and i'm sure if he gets chances he'll help the team.but if pekerman decides to leave him out , i dont blame him.
saviola played below my expectations. he played in a different role, giving more attention in the midfield than in attack , helping the right end of the team. his new role didnt reward and pekerman should think twice to use him on that role again. maxi didnt perform well from the left in the first half unlike when he played from the right. his superior performance and his great inspiration gave what fans would love to see. a wonderfull goal, a perfect finishing. he'll took the risk there , even if it was extra time and made a powerfull shot with his left foot which it's not his favorite, leaving no chances to the keeper. thank you maxi for that goal and i have to admit that i doubted you at the begining. i really feal sorry about that.
that's what i had to say.let's hope riquelme will perform well and milito in the starting eleven. because without him, lahm and schweinsteiger on the left.............................u know. vamos argentina and im sure if we play as we know, they dont stand a chance. byeee and aimar on the eleven!

Seba said...

No definite word on LUCHO's injury. If he is fit, he'll play instead of CAMBIASSO.

RIQUELME must be the most difficult player in the World to judge. People in Argentina seem to either love him or hate him.

Even the Boca Juniors fans seem to be divided when it comes to judge RIQUELME as a player.

He can play a perfect match in the eyes of some people and at the same time be a disaster according to others.

How did he play against Mexico?

Hard to say. But you've got to admit that he was very generous helping the team to try and recover the ball. He always tried to keep possession and he had the assist in CRESPO's goal (by taking the corner kick) and played a perfect pass for SAVIOLA in that glorious chance he misses.

He also had a perfect pass for AIMAR in that play that was disallowed for a ridiculous offside call.

But at the same time, he missed a lot of passes, he played out of position and he keeps on passing the ball backwards instead of going forward.

AIMAR came off the bench and I'm not sure what PEKERMAN asked him to do. At times I would have love for him to run forward and associate with MESSI a little bit more. There was a play in which MESSI was on the ball and AIMAR failed to open up space for him leaving all 4 Mexican defenders around MESSI who eventually lost the ball.

As for MILITO, I don't think he'll be considered to play at right back. If he comes in, it'll be to replace HEINZE.

I would like to see CUFRE now as a right back instead of SCALONI or COLOCCINI. But the question is still the same: Why is ZANETTI in Buenos Aires now, instead of being on his way to Berlin to play this Friday?

George Templeton said...

At first blush, I felt Argentina and Germany had extra time written all over it (4-3 to Argentina), but now you have to think about the fact that Jens Lehmann and the German defense have not been tested yet in this World Cup. They gave up 2 goals to Costa Rica (!) because they couldn't properly execute an offside trap.
Lehmann is a great goalkeeper (you don't keep 11 straight clean sheets in the Champions League if you stink), but this is his first WC and he barely has his feet wet. Abbodanzieri has been tested throughout (Serbia-Mont. aside) and that is the difference in this game. Lehmann's first time in the Champions League included a disastrous clanger that got his team eliminated in the quarters. The German defense will leave him at sea multiple times in this match and Argentina will win 3-1!

Mohamed-Somalia said...

We have played Germans in their homeland before, if you guys saw that match in FIFA Confederations Cup you will know how weak they are even if they were playing in Their Country also with their Fans Behind them, bear in your mind that we did not have good players there, and the match ended 2-2 both of goals were stunning, with argentina having all the Ball Possession. Just Check Here ... look also the match Cast!.

All the Goals Germans Scored in the World Cup is showing you that they did not face a tough and well organized team , We are not Costa Rica, or Ecuador. Frings, Klose and Podolski will not make any movement as we face them, let alone scoring goals. we are going to play all the 7 games in the world cup 2006.

Seba said...

I love the confidence you're showing!

And I think you have fair points to make.

LEHMANN vs. ABBONDANZIERI? If the match goes on to penalty shoot-out (God forbid!), then we'll have the edge! Not only is ABBONDANZIERI an expert stopping penalties, but LEHMANN seems to be injured all the time. Ankle, thigh, he allways has a problem.

Mohamed, I agree Germany hasn't been fully tested yet, but I think they are improving in every game they play and they play Sweden off the field on Saturday. And Sweden is one of Europe's most solid teams.

That said, I'm confident in our team and if everything click together, then we have a good chance to advance to the semis.

One other thing I would like to point out: This is the first time in this World Cup we are playing a game and we're not favourite to win.


argie biggest fan said...

hey i'm from hk...i'm not an argentine but i have supported the aregntina squad as long as i remember...the game vs mexico was so intense...i really want to see argentina to take the world cup home this year...they deserve it...hope they can perform their best and beat germany in the next game!!!vamos argentina!!

Allan Ng said...

Hey, I am also from HK.

I think against the Germans it will be a tough game and the Germans will likely score first. But as the game go on I think we will break down their defenses and get a few goals back.

I am still confused as to why Zanetti is not in the team and it is not like we have capable replacements.

Seba, could you tell us what is the general feeling in Argentina about Zanetti being left out? Is it because Zanetti is too much of a leader that his presence would cause conflicts within the squad?

Or did Zanetti choose not to be in the team because of the conflict between Veron and Sorin?

ls said...

I used to have a thought that, Pekeman wanted the dynamic in his defense system. It means, sometimes it is 4-4-2, and when necessary, turns into 3-5-2. With Sorin as the captain on the left, what he needed is the solid right-back. Janetti attacks and keeps the ball well, but his defense skill is just normal (I think), in addition to the fact that he has the strong inclination to move forward.

The second reason can lie in the voice of Janetti. One firm system needs only one leader.

Some thoughts from a Vietnamese.

Vamos Argentina

virologist said...

Against Germany is the Final for Albiceleste! Something more than the magical performance we'd shown against S&M is needed to beat the equally magnificent Germans.. Remember: the host has the home advantage!

Bring back the Cup!!!

Malaysian yuppie in Tokyo..

Mohamed-Somalia said...

Seba, I always Ignore what the media are Saying about the match Between Argentina and germany, because sometimes the media can favor a team. Just Rely on what you have seen in your Eyes, we played the Highest Level that a team could play in this world Cup and we will win all the way to the final.

as for Zannetti, In africa we have sometimes bad image from a player , and we say " Let's Remove this man from the team and see how we can Achieve" because he might Pulling Down our Luck! he was part of the Team in many Finals, me myself i have many things that i blame our Ex-Cabtain. so now we are in Germany and Playing the world cup, let's not Look Back what we have left Behind. We are going Forward.

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