Friday, June 30, 2006

Lineup confirmed against Germany













Anonymous said...

I agree completely with the exclusion of saviola for tevez. I think Carlitos will cause trouble for the germans all day and saviolas pace will trouble teams with an ageing defense not the young upstarts the germans have. It also gives us an X factor up front to go along with what we have in the middle of the park.

The exclusion of cambiasso for lucho gonzalez is slightly worryin as i still have my doubts over how he will perform after being out and cambiasso has bee playing brilliantly.
I guess Pekerman has thrown down the gauntlet and signalled his atttacking intentions

Vamos Argentina!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seba said...

I think PEKERMAN's idea to include LUCHO instead of CAMBIASSO is to have the ball a little bit more and give RIQUELME a partner when it comes to play the ball and keep it.

What worries me is the inclusion of COLOCCINI. I though CUFRE was playing as a right back today. But not. And I don't like the way COLOCCINI plays in that position.

As for TEVEZ?


I hope he starts sharing the ball a little bit more and victory will be ours!

Anonymous said...

well the germans have named an unchanged team and i feel although their strikers klose and podolski have been getting all the plaudits, its all about their midfield for them.

Frings plays a similar role to mascherano, while steinsswieger or whatever his name is, is the same all action kinda player as maxi.
Schenider is like beckhamwith his accurate passing and crosses making up for his lack of pace and we all know ballack.

Stop these four germans and our four horsemen of the apocalypse led by Riquelme will destroy the germans

Txapa said...

El flecha colociiiiiiiiiiiiini

el tipo esta desde el arranque? que arranque, si hay que empujarlo para que se mueva un poco.

Seba said...

I need a doctor.

George Templeton said...

I got in just as the Germans tied it. How do you think Franco has done so far and how will he do if this goes to penalties.

George Templeton said...

Penalties. Oh crap. I was pulling for the Swiss and they put out the most pathetic performance I've ever seen in a shootout. I know Argentina will do better than that! Cmon Argentina, take the Germans out!

George Templeton said...

Damn these penalties. Well I have to give Lehmann credit. I thought the occasion of a game like this would overwhelm because he hadn't played in a World Cup. Well I was wrong. I can't understand what you and the rest of your countrymen and fans are going through Seba, but I feel awful for you. That is a rotten way to go out.

Seba said...

Sorry everyone. It'll take a while before I come back and write something.

I'm devastated.

Anonymous said...

que bueno que perdio argentina!! y su actitud al final del juego demonstro la clase de equipo que es! uno sin prefesionalismo y dignidad! Mascherano es el peor ! nunca e visto a un hombre llorar y alegar en un partido de inicio a final!!! es una basura!! ARRIBA ALEMANIA!!!!!!!

Mohamed-somalia said...

hey Guys, It's Okay such things happen in Football , I'm very very sorry i cannot even know my name if you ask me!!!. it's normal, but i have said before even several times that Argentinian Coaches Make always Big Mistakes. From the start of the Game Until 70Th Minute Argentina Had the Upper-Hand, and Germans Disappointed. But Pekerman made a very Terrible Changes, Riquelme - which Germans were fearing even if he was very bad today, and Crespo who also Gave a hard time to the German Defenders. What is more, This Year We had the Best Team Ever.

Argentina Always Screw Up because of their Coaches. Now let's Wait Another 4 years again. We will see what happens 2010 World Cup.

Jo said...

Let's be fair to the coach. He has done his best. Terribly upset that we have to end it this way...

Nonetheless, 3 cheers for the team who has done extremely well!

hardcore argentinian said...

Im proud of each one of our team members. They might have lost the match today but theyve played like champions in this world cup. I love you all! and im ready to wait for another 4 years for world cup glory.

Mohamed-Somalia said...

I have to Thank All Argentinian as well as Fans around the world for their support. Especially i would like to Thank my Friend Sebastian Garcia For his Contribution of this Blog. Hey Seba i wish you nice life.

Stefania said...

Porque no te callas la boca un rato? esta mas que claro que poco sabes de Futbol y aun menos sobre nuestra Seleccion..Somos un equipo EXCELENTE que se tuvo que enfrentar a un Alemania con todas las luces y CON TODOS LOS EUROS BAJO LA MESA! ese partido estaba arreglado...y el arbvitro¿ pero porfavorr...dejenme reir...vendido!!. y me parece muy bien que hayamos defendido lo q ES nuestro en la cancha como profesionales..nO como los alemamens a pura faltas... y aun mas perfecto me parecio la actitud argentina...estaban calientes y fuerOn y defendieron LUEGO del partido su razOn...Que Injusticia!! el partido era nuestro y YA LO GANAMOS.

virologist said...

We played like champion and everyone sees that! As winning the Cup is a 'bonus', life is not all about getting to the top (even though you have the quality).. The memories that Argentina has painted on the pitch this tournament WILL always kickin' in my heart, for as long as I have to live my life..

To the fans; don't point fingers to anyone. PENALTY IS ALL ABOUT LUCK and unfortunately we didn't have that.. A defeat is a defeat and we should get over this slowly.. Stay upright lads!!!

In fact, my love for the team is growing ever stronger after this tournament! This is the beauty of the beautiful game.. I just love it!

Vamos Argentina!

Malaysian yuppie in Tokyo..

Jo said...

That's right! As fans, we should stand by out team be it good times or bad times. Remember, we lost not becoz the germans are good. We lost to LUCK.

Penalty shoot out is a cruel way to determine the winner. Too bad that lady luck is smiling at them and not us.

Hence, fans out there, stand by our team! They have played wonderful football in this world cup. Its undeniable.

Vamos Argentina!

subh said...

the refereeing was bad...
he gave too many fouls in favour of germans and well...
maxi got a yellow for which it shud have been a penalty... in 1990 the germans got a penalty when there was no penalty and today we didnt get the penalty when there was the penalty and on top of that we got an yellow.. pathetic.
i m all the more pissed bcoz no one even cared to highlight the deserved penalty. the replay clearly showed it was a penalty
guys in argentina, u shud raise this is such crucial decisions that make or break WC quarters.. horrible..
if everything is so well staged .. whats the whole point in playing at all..

Anonymous said...

Three cheers to a a manager who has done so much for argentinian youth football and helped mould the careers of so many of the stars on the pitch yesterday. To a manager who is astute and encouraged us to play beautiful football. To a manager who though won't be remembered for winning the world cup will be remembered fondly for signalling an upturn in argentinian football after the disaster of korea/japan.

Three cheers to our defenders. From abondanzeiri who criticised before the tournament produced outstanding displays. To Ayala and Sorin who contributed both in defense and offense and who showed that class is permanent even if the legs don't run like they did. To heinze who came back from a horrific injury to have a solid world cup and hopefully he wil still be there in south africa. To all the yung ones in Colllochini, Burdisso, Cufre and Scaloni who will hopefully raise their game and learn from this tournament.

Three cheers to our brilliant midfield that conjured up what will ultimately be remembered as the goal that highlights the way football should be played. To cambiasso and mascherano who never gave up the ball without a fight and who made our midfield solid. To Maxi Rodriguez who was the find of the tournament and the best right sided argentinian midfielder i have seen since ariel ortega. To our star man Riquelme. Though he didn't set the world on fire he showed his class and composure and validated pekermans decision to base the team around him. To all the guys who only had cameos like lucho and aimar hopefully this relatively young midfield will only get better as time goes by.

To our stikers who struck fear into defenders hearts. To crespo, Cruz and Saviola who have probably had their last hurrah at this tournament. They gave it all for the team and thats all anybody can ask for. To tevez and Messi, the best two young strikers in the world who will start in south africa and will lead us to victory there.

To the greatest set of fans in the world led by the greatest player ever who support the greatest team in the world.

To a great correspondent who showed off his passion and knowledge of the game in equal measure.

Vamos Argentina !!!!

We will be back to claim what is rightfully ours in 4 years!!!

Seba said...

Great postings everyone!

I'm specially moved by the last one. I'm watching England vs. Portugal and I still can't believe we are out of the tournament.

I'll write an article on my thoughts of yesterday's game and the whole tournament.

Our highs and lows. The good, the bad and the ugly and a look into the future.

Thank you very much for being there.

I'll hopefully keep this blog alive so we can talk about football in general after the World Cup, with a special focus in our beloved Argentina and our players.

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