Friday, November 21, 2008

Davis Cup Final (Day 1) - Mixed Fortunes for NALBANDIAN & DEL POTRO

Argghh!!! What a great match we had between DEL POTRO and LOPEZ and the next thing I had to encounter was a power failure within my area!!! Well you know what they say, things happens.

Anyway, to summarize Argentina’s performance from Day 1; the perfect start, the woeful end.

The expectation was really high when David NALBANDIAN and David FERRER played in the first singles, as everyone would have wanted a tightly contested encounter. Instead it was a one sided affair as the Albiceleste David, outgunned, outplayed and outclassing the Espana David., winning in straight sets, 6-3, 6-2 & 6-3.

“I played well from start to finish, I was always in control of the situation and the public was incredible,” NALBANDIAN told reporters. “There were some moments of tension which I managed to keep under control. It was an almost perfect game.”

Just as when things were getting better, the Matadors pulls an unlikely results in the second single. Juan Martin DEL POTRO continued from where David left off, with overwhelming 6-4 win in the first set against Feliciano LOPEZ.
However the Spaniard took advantage out of the ailing DEL POTRO, who was already troubled by a toe injury, appeared to pull a muscle in his right leg in the sixth game of the fourth set and needed about 10 minutes of treatment.

LOPEZ, ranked 31st in the world, recovered and went on to win the next three sets, 7-6, 7-6 & 6-3, and to tie the series 1-1.

Of course I’m very disappointed with this outcome as I wanted us to have a 2-0 lead from Day 1. So now, just like in 2006, the double match might just determined the outcome of this final. Alberto MANCINI has confirmed that NALBANDIAN will team up Agustin CALLERI, instead of Jose ACASUSO.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's me. ^_^

Okay, first off, you totally shocked me with your comment in my blog. LOL. Thanks for dropping by!

Anyway, well... okay, honestly, I am rooting for Spain. I dunno, it's just me. But that doesn't mean I hate Argentina. I don't. (I can never hate Delpo even if I try. He's so cute! LOL.)

But then, honestly, I also couldn't care less who wins the Davis Cup. I mean, I would, if Rafael Nadal was there to play. But since he's not there, well, the matches can now go either way (eventhough everyone started writing Spain off after Rafa withdrew from this tourney.)

Whether Spain or Argentina wins, it doesn't matter. Both countries have great players.

Of course, it would've been cool if Argentina had a 2-0 lead, but, hey, this is tennis after all, and nothing is guaranteed. And the Spaniards are pretty damn fighters.

And though Delpo lost, that doesn't mean he was a failure. He wasn't. I mean, hey, he's just a kid, and he has a toe injury. And with him being able to play spectacularly for four sets with a toe injury? That is just amazing, dude. Others couldn't have done that.

And just because Feli won his match doesn't mean they'll win the doubles match. Yeah, Spain will have "plenty of confidence following Feliciano's win", but do remember that he had the last match of the day and it went to four sets (with two tiebreakers), so... somehow he can't be playing a hundred percent in his next match.

And also do remember that though Feli won against Delpo, Nalbandian also won his match against Ferrer. So, yeah. Everything's pretty balanced right now.

And though Nalbandian won the first match, Feli offset Argentina's 1-0 lead. Now the series is tied at 1-1. There is no momentum to shift.

The next matches can go either way.

Anonymous said...

I can understand your disappointment. I am a Rafa fan and I want Spain to win. But also admire Nalbandian and I know this can be Agentina's first DAvis cup. So, let the better players win.

Honestly, I gave the edge to Argentina too, with Del Potro and NAlbandian both being hot. Nalby of course is a very experienced player and he did his best against Ferrer. veru disappointing for me . No pressure whatsoever on Del Potro after tht and he could not deliver. MAybe it was Del Potro and Maybe it was an inspired Lopez. Anyway, it just made the final more interesting and I still give the edge to Argentina. Vamos all the players from both teams for giving us a good competion. There will be no loser in this final. These are both great teams!

Krystle Lee said...

Hi John,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I've now written up my own summary of the opening day's play (

That's a very good summation of how it all panned out. It all started on a high, then ended on a low. Now I have heard that Del Potro has pulled out of the reverse singles, which would put Argentina in a difficult position.

Like you, I am also strongly supporting Argentina, and Nalbandian is going to have to carry Argentina to the Cup if they want to win it. Considering how well Nalbandian played today, I would be shattered for him if they didn't come out on top. Especially when you flashback to 2006 when he was also extremely good, but didn't manage to come away with the Cup.

The doubles match will be crucial for sure, and I think Lopez/Verdasco are a better team than Nalbandian/Calleri. You never know though, and I have found Nalbandian to be generally less reliable and consistent in doubles, although he can be very good sometimes.

Anonymous said...

hey John!

Thanks for the comment. Great to hear your views on the final. By the sound of it that was a huge performance from Lopez. Coming back from a set down and a rubber down is impressive.

Looking forward to the rest of the action and reading your reports.

BTW what do you make of Maradona's first game in charge?


John said...

Thanks for the comments everyone,

Yeah it has been a real mixed of feelings after what has just happen from Day 1. For me, the mood has changed dramatically but that doesn’t mean the confidence is not there. I still have faith that we can pull it off this time.

Honestly I haven’t read any reports regarding DEL POTRO being out of the final altogether so I’m still hopping that he can recover just in time for Sunday’s clash. It is very hard to imagine being without him as he was the main reason why I felt our chances to win the Salad Bowl is very good this time.

However none of this is confirmed so right the rest of the team will have to take their game to another notch.

I agree with you that NALBANDIAN hasn’t been a good double player but I’m looking at the prospect that he is playing at home so that could help his game. But still the Spaniards have prove to be unpredictable so that it could be anybody’s game.

By the way Steve, thanks for mentioning about Diego MARADONA. Every Albiceleste was very excited about that match against Scotland and we are happy with the outcome of it. It was good to see the way players have responded to him.

Anonymous said...

Del Potro left the match mentally in the second set and then physically in the third.

I agree about Nalbandian. He was in devastating form.

Manuel Vasta Vera said...

Hey John... thanks for pass to my blog... your blog is awesome... Man... what perfomance of Nalbandian, his presentacion was so strong and solid that Ferrer couldn`t do anything to stop the "Rey"... Then Del Potro paid for all the season work. Lopez have a great serve and the "Tower of Tandil" couldn`t play like he always do. Instead I think that the dobles match will be the "break" of this final serie. Nalbandian/Calleri against Verdasco/Lopez... that will be the point... thanks and your in my favourist

Global Village Tennis News said...

Hey John,

Thanks for dropping by. Don't count out Nalby/Calleri in the doubles! This is Davis Cup and anything can happen!


Anonymous said...

I bet a lot of people go onto this blog every day to read your posts. In fact, you should put a statcounter on your blog, so you can see how many people go here every day.

Anonymous said...

Hi John,

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

I didn't see either of the day 1 matches, so your summaries were much appreciated! I agree with GVTN's comment above me, Davis Cup often throws up a few surprises and I wouldn't exactly be shocked if Nalby/Calleri pull it off. Lopez and Verdasco can be a bit hit and miss from what I've seen of them in doubles previously.