Saturday, October 28, 2006

A friendly against the Emirates?

Apparentely, from what I've read in the news, there'll be a friendly match against United Emirates in Abu Dhabi. The match will be played on November 15th. and it'll be the last of 2006 for Argentina if it is confirmed.

In other news, Gabriel BATISTUTA said that he would love to become manager of Argentina in the future and Diego MARADONA has been tempted to manage Honduras. An official offer by the Central American country is yet to be placed but Diego has shown some interest in at least taking part of a conversation.

I'm on my way to Puerto Madryn in the East Coast of the Patagonia and I'll hopefully get to see and touch the whales from a boat!

I'll be travelling the whole day on Sunday so I won't be around this blog but I'll read all your comments as soon as I have the chance.


linda said...

Defering to your greater knowledge, fellow Abiceleste supporters: has Batigol any coaching experience?

I'm hoping that the next squad includes a couple more Real Zaragoza players like the on-fire Diego Milito and maybe even D'Alessandro on top of Aimar and Gaby Milito.

They're like the Villarreal of a couple of seasons ago - success with an Argentinean favour.

andaman said...

Real Zaragoza is doing quite good. Beautiful effective football, nice Argentina connection goals. Yes, I hope Diego Milito get called for the next squad. He's (still) on fire! And Andres too.

These places in your country with lovely names. Take pictures of the whale and post for us, Seba.

John said...

Hi there to all Albicelestes supporters,

Seba, I'm really hoping that you'll be enjoying yourself while you're dancing with the whales. Yes, please post some pictures of this great moment in your future article. Really can't wait for that!!!

In the meantime, why don’t the rest of us start a new discussion based on the latest article posted by Seba. We all know that about the greatness of Maradona and Batigol as players. In fact, I would dare to say the No.10 & No.9 jersey is truly belong to them respectively. No doubt about that!!!

But what are the chances af them being great coaches? In fact in history there are many top football players that have not went on to become great coaches, Ruud Gullit etc. On the other hand, the likes of Frank Rijkaard have proven otherwise that great player can become great coaches as well. However as we all know, the majority of them were unknown football players but end up becoming great coaches of today’s game. Anyway, I've just started the ball rolling but what do the rest of you think about this? Lets discuss

Linda, I can't really recall Batigol being involved as a coach since his retirement. But Diego had a short stint as a coach just after USA'94 World Cup (Deportivo Mandiyu, if I'm not wrong???).

Hey Subh, I’m really sorry to hear about India's defeat to Australia in the ICC Champions Trohpy. I'm pretty sure there was a lot of expectation from them, being the host.

And finally to any St.Louis Cardinals fans reading this blog, congrats on winning the World Series. VAMOS CARDINALS!!!


ARG4EVER said...

Well from the FIFA website... there is a game between TURKEY AND ARG, but it has not said if its going to be in my HOME TOWN, United Arab Emirates, well thats to be confirmed... i will check with the President of the UAE Football if we will be hosting that game in the capital Abu Dhabi, if we will, then any ARG FAN or Argentinean are welcomed.. to be there with me... i will personally be gald to get them the tickets... but i might not have alot... whoever is going to be here.. and if the game is going to be played in UAE that is....


ARG4EVER said...


Seba said...

ARG4EVER...please ignore those reports or schedules about Argentina playing against Turkey. It was meant to be but it has been canceled.

There is no official confirmation about it but on that date Argentina is believed to face United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the whales!!!!! I can't wait and I'll post pics as soon as I can.

Anonymous said...

Really? I thought that they had cancelled that game and our next official one would be next year against Spain. Very confusing. If the game is still on and you get to go arg4ever you'll have to give us a "on location" report when you get back.

John are you a Cardinals fan? I actually live in St Louis at the moment. I don't really like baseball (too slow and not very pretty to watch) but I'll admit that I got caught up in the excitement. I'm really happy they won, everyone around here is still wearing Cardinals clothing.

Seba, I'm so jealous that you down in Puerto Madryn watching whales. I've never been but I have a cousin who just moved there a year ago.


john said...


You must be one lucky person for having the chance to watch our beloved Albicelestes in action live. Yes!!! It would be nice if you can provide us some on site report and perhaps some pictures as well.

Argentinafan, I'm not baseball fan either but I always had the interest to watch a game (especially the World Series) if I'd had the chance. Since I was on leave from work for the whole last week, it was great opportunity for me. So I guess you must be caught in the middle of a huge celebration in St.Louis.


alwin said...

Hi All,

A pretty hectic week at work so far. As confusing as it is, i just hope that you have a time of your life Arg4ever if you get the chance to watch the Albiceleste.

Argentinafan, how have you been? hope things are going on well for you and im looking forward to more healthy and constructives arguments with you. :)

Seba, people dont really get the opportunity to watch whales or even touch them, im sure you are going to live a dream and enjoy and picture will be most welcomed.

John, hope you are doing fine too there. Hope to meet you soon for a drink.

Barcelona will be playing Chelsea soon,any predictions? I would really like to see Messi put one off against MOUNRINHO, its about time and lets hope to see the best of our wonderkid.


Messay said...

Hi Seba and the rest. Since most of you are in Argentina could you guys help me out on Gonzalo Higuain? Has he decided to play for argentina???? There is a talk that he might play for france instead of Argentina? what is the word??? thank you.

Anonymous said...

John, the celebration was crazy this past weekend. They had a big parade on Sunday for all of the players by the stadium, though I didn't go.

Alwin, it's nice to hear from you. Everything is good but really busy, total craziness. How are you? I have to say that I do enjoy our arguments, it's always nice to not agree on everything :)

Messay, other people probably know more than I do but last I heard, he hasn't made a decision yet. His father and agent say that he wants to play for Argentina but the guy himself says that he isn't focusing on his international career yet. PSG is interested in signing him but if he goes with him he could have problems since if he decides to play for Argentina he has to rescind his French passport which makes him a foreign player for a European club (which creates problems as most clubs are only allowed a certain number of foreign players). It's all very complicated.

Did anyone see the Chelsea v Barcelona game? I haven't (taped it but won't be able to watch it until saturday) but I heard that it was interesting. Similar to the Holland v Portugal game during the WC if you catch my drift.


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

I agree with you Argentinafan that Chelsea-Barcelona game was interesting. But it could have been unforgettable but for the shenanigans from both sides and a weak referee.

The early goal from Barca forced Chelsea to come out of its defensive shell and the first twenty minutes were cracking. Messi's run down the right and his cut back to Ronalidinho was sublime.

But I must admit that the game descended to a brawl later particularly in last 15 minutes of the first half.

It was a shame indeed to see a brilliant game falling apart like this. But neverthless, the match was action-packed till the dying moment.

On the brighter side, Cruz netted again for Inter and even Ayala got into the scoresheet.

Valencia does look formidable again this season and they could once more reach the dizzy heights they attained under Cuper and Benitez.

John, thanks for your commiserations. Tough luck for Indian cricket. Most of the youngsters seem to be having the second season blues. I hope this failure proves to be an education for the World Cup next year.

But surprisingly, not a single Asian team has qualified to the last four (the first time since 1975, that it has happenned in a World Cup or Champions trophy).

It is like having a World Cup Football in South America and semis are played by European teams.
Shocking to say the least.

But I think it was due to the grassy pitches that were made which negated all home advantage. I cannot give any example from football since the nature of pitch is usually not so decisive(Mourinho may have thought otherwise last year against Barca) but as for Tennis I am sure Argentina will not be serving grass courts to Australia and Sweden in a home Davis Cup tie.

john said...

Hi There Everybody,

Messay, I'm too worried about the future of Higuain at the moment. Though I must say that I'm glad his moving to Europe but I hope this will not decreases his chances of playing for Argentina.

As for Argentinafan, do send my wishes to all your American friends in St.Louis.

And finally Barcelona/Chelsea game was explosive as commented by Subh. However I'm pretty disappointed that Drogba manage to snatch a draw for the Blues during injury time. Looks like Mourinho got himself away again.


Seba said...

And so my vacations are over! It's been wonderful and the icing on the cake was to be just 1 metre away from a couple of really big whales!

It was very expensive for me to go scuba-diving but to be in a boat that close to those big creatures was simply amazing!

I'm going back to Buenos Aires in about half an hour (a 20-hour trip) and will update this blog more often.

Thanks for sharing this trip with me and wait for some lovely pictures from my trip to be posted here.

alwin said...

Hi Seba and all fellow friends,

Glad to know you enjoyed your trip and have a safe journey back to the capital. Eagerly anticipating those pictures.

Argentines on target again for FC Porto in 3-1 away win over Hamburg. Lucho scored the first goal and Lisandro the second. Im just abit suprised at the form of Hamburg and let us all not forget our 2006 captain Juan SORIN plays for them. Hopes his season gets better and he will be able to acheive more success for all the hard work he has contributed for club and country.

Vamos..Vamos Argentina,

andaman said...

Hi all,

You must have a whale of time Seba and to be just 1 metre away from not one but 2 big beautiful creatures!

So many Argentines get in the action these past 2 days in Europe. Even a full back like Ayala and I hope the form of Sorin's team get better too. And eventhough his team draw at the very last minute and a football match that reminded you of a boxing ring as minutes passed, Lionel Messi continue to amaze me once again.

john said...

Hi There Everyone,

Yes Andaman, I would agree with you regarding Messi's performance. Simply brilliant!!! Based on Barca's recent performances I would say he has been their best player. Maybe perhaps after missing out towards the end of last season through injury, he is more motivated this season.

As for the rest, Ronaldhino & Co. I guess they've lost that motivation. Another player I believe is also much motivated if given the chance is Saviola. To bad that Rijkaard think otherwise.


linda said...

Hi there everyone! Thanks for answering my question, John.

As for the Barca-Chelsea game, I've written extensively on it in my blog and won't go into it any further. But how encouraging is it to see so many Argentineans playing well recently?

Messi: Barca's best player, week in week out.

Aimar, D'Alessandro, Milito brothers, Ponzio: taking Zaragoza to new heights

Scaloni: (yes, Scaloni) regaining form playing on the wing

Lucho and Lisandro: keeping Porto afloat in the Champions League

Cruz, Crespo and the rest of the Inter Argentineans: crucial to every success they have

Villarreal Argentineans: finally reviving the team after weeks of mediocrity

...and so on. You get the point. It's just great to see.

Regarding Saviola, John, it's a bit murky but I believe the actual problem comes from the club sporting director. I think he's the one ordering Rijkaard to give Saviola minimal time on the pitch, which is frustrating to me because I think he could really help the team. As a Barca fan it's good to see our form and motivation returning (maybe it's Mourinho's comments that did it). I still want to see more of Saviola, though, especially in the league.

Anonymous said...

I agree that it would be nice to see more of Saviola, particularly since Eto is injured leaving Barca in desperate need of a finisher. In both of the Chelsea games you could see Barcelona stringing together some beautiful passes but they were missing a finisher which is where Eto excells. Messi isn't at that consistency level yet. He almost seems more like Aimar, setting up the goal around the box but not scoring as much.
Saviola I believe is a consistent finisher and might help in that regard.


alwin said...

Hi All,

Linda, is this true about the club's sporting director ordering Rijkaard to give Saviola minimal time, it's sound very sickening to me and Rijkaard as a coach with huge potential should know better what to do for the interest of the team.

I still believe that Saviola should leave Barcelona ASAP, the January transfer window should be a chance for him to get out providing some clubs show interest in him. I would really like him to get more first team playing time and this waiting game in Barca is not doing any good for such a talent.

My worries also have to go out to Tevez and Mascherano. All of us know their potential and its really sad to know the Masherano has to sit on the bench in favour of Mullins, i just can't accept this. What Basile said is true that even a move to Juventus in the Serie B will be better than what is going on a Upton Park.

By the way, i must comment on the Lucho Gonzalez strike for Porto against's just simple Brilliant and all i can say is WOW!!!'s sure gives me goosebumps whenever i see a lovely goal like that and being even better it comes from an Argentine. :)

Vamos Lucho and have a Wonderful weekend my friends.


andaman said...

It's very sad and football and us fans are on the loosing side here if it's true about Saviola. Barca has no one to blame but themselves if that is the case.

I feel the same about Mascherano and Tevez. Listen to Basile and move ASAP, boys.I'm sure Juventus is coming back to Serie A next season and they would love to have one or even both top class players like them (who are in the wrong place right now).

John said...

Hi There,

Yes Alwin & Andaman, I do completly agree with you regarding on the situation that is going on Upton Park. Tevez and Mascherano for all the talent and gift that they possessed, they do not deserve this.

What upsets me the most is the way the media is treating situation. Since the Hammers won against Blackburn, the headlines have always been like "Hammers win without Argies...." or something like that.


alwin said...

Hi Guys,

Yes John i agree, i know its sick to hear some of the english playing the argentien blame game at West Ham pathetic form. To me it's plainly due to some of their players who over acheived last season. Now when everybody's feet is back to earth, if you look at it, West Ham seems to have a pretty average bunch of players who over excelled last season. So how can you actually blame Tevez and Mascherano, it's just a scapegoat of an excuse. No offence to any West Ham fan here, but im very saddened by the situation there.

Just an update on the situation of Saviola. I read in one of the Barce fan forums that Saviola didn't want to change his contract to swap part of his basic wages for incentives, as other members of the squad have done. Apparently he has one of the highest basic salaries on the squad.

This was what i read, and i find this allegations absurd knowing the fact that Saviola can deliver the goods and Barcelona being a very rich club. Maybe after the board is considering that he was surplus to requirements last few seasons and loaned out, and that is why they would want him to take a wage cut.

Linda, i know you are a huge Barca fan, can you or anyone of you confirm this allegations on Saviola? Would really appriciate it.

A toast to the coming weekend matches in all the leagues around the world.


andaman said...

What a bullsh*t, they forgot "Hammers lost without Argies..." as well. But they don't put that in headlines do they! These people should get hammered for real.

john said...

Hey Andaman,

Cool down there. These headlines are just the kind of propaganda that the English media would just like to play around with. Especially knowing the intense rivalry between England and Argentina.

The truth is, I have nothing against West Ham. The real problem are what that Alwin had just mentioned previously.

And as Seba had mentioned in his previous comments, the likes of Zamora, Harewood or Mullins are nowhere near the class of Tevez and Mascherano.


Saurabh Bhattacharjee said...

The reaction of the English Media is undesrtandable given its past history with objectivity and balance.

But Pardew's decision to send Mascheano to the bench was disappointing given his optimistic words. He just gave in to public pressure. West Ham were losing because of a mediocre team playing poor football, not because of any individual

Seba said...

Buenos Aires calling!

Hi everyone, I'm back in my hometown. As a matter of fact, we've arrived yesterday but we had a birthday party and then I had some problems with my internet provider and so I'm writing from a cyber-cafe (in a curious way to feel like I'm still travelling!).

I've been looking at the many pictures we've been taking and there are a couple football-related ones that will appear in this blog as soon as I can publish them.

I think Linda is spot on when she mentions all the argies doing well in Europe. It's good to see that.

Especially in the cases of Diego MILITO and Lisandro LOPEZ. They both came from Racing Club and I feel particularely close to them in that sense.

As for West Ham...I was gutted to see them winning without CARLITOS and JAVIER. But in a way I think it's a good thing the Hammers finally won because I feel TEVEZ and MASCHERANO will benefit from playing in a confident squad.

But PARDEW should get his act together and give our two stars the time and space they deserve.

I'm not happy when I read comments of TEVEZ going to Juventus because I don't like that team. But I'd welcome that move if it means we'll recover a stud of our national team.

Will publish more and more things as soon as I get the time.

linda said...

I agree with all the comments about the Hammers' current situation. It's sickening to see Tevez and Mascherano being blamed for their problems. My worry is that now they've won without them, those 2 will be left out in the cold. Neither of them are on form or even fit right now - they need more playing time, so that would be a very bad situation.

Re: Saviola and Barcelona, I firmly blame the former management for the whole problem. About 4 seasons ago the President was a crazy wanker who was so panicked about losing Figo to Real that he signed up all the stars of the club to ridiculously high wages which almost-bankrupt Barca couldn't actually afford - this is why when the new President came in they had such a clear-out of senior players. Saviola did refuse to cut his wages to suit the present system, but that's only part of why he was loaned out.

At Barca a lot of the transfer decisions are made by the sporting director. I believe he has been against Saviola ever since Saviola insisted on going to the Olympics as a substitute for Argentina, combined with the wage problem. When he came back from the Olympics Barca had already signed Sammy Eto'o and Larsson, who fitted better into the 4-3-3 system. Hence him being loaned out.

Rijkaard does rate Saviola as a player. El Conejo had one of his best seasons at Barca when Rijkaard came in, using him as the center striker when Kluviert got injured and had a great understanding with Ronaldinho and Xavi. He still doesn't quite fit the center striker role in the front three (Barca loses out too much on height up front, since Ronaldinho and Messi aren't exactly giants) and hasn't played well when Rijkaard tried him out on the wings.

That said, I believe he's the best bet for a center striker Barca have with Eto'o out, as I distrust Gudjohnsen's first touch. Hopefully he'll start against Deportivo now that Gudjohnsen is injured and then we'll see what happens.

alwin said...

Hi All,

Linda, thanks for the clarification on te Saviola situation. Lets hope he does something against Deportivo this week. I still feel he needs to leave for his own good as im sure when Eto'o returns he will walk back straight into the team.

Seba, i guess you're not a fan of Juventus but i would solely blame the management on what situation the club is going through now. Basile mentioned Juventus maybe due to some interest from them, but to me it does not have to be just Juventus, i would just want Tevez and Mascherano to be playing regular football in one of the top leagues in the world. Both of them are going to be the backbone for the Argentine squad and the situation in West Ham is not helping them at all.


helen said...

West Ham upset Arsenal in the premier league this weekend - without Tevez or Mancherano.

I hate to say this, but it seems that West Ham is playing better without them. It seems they are going to have a lot of time on the bench now. I do believe they should leave ASAP.

Seba said...

Yes, they have 2 wins in a row now and that's the worst scenario for TEVEZ and MASCHERANO to be in.

BUT, I think West Ham could play A LOT BETTER with them than without them.

I think that's undenyable but I'm afraid we're going to have to wait more time until we see them on the team again.

john said...

Hi There To All Albicelestes Supporters,

First let me share with you the good news as Diego Milito continues his firing form by scoring in the 3-1 over Getafe. He stills share leading goal scorer with Frederic Kanoute of Seville. As for Getafe, the defeat at Zaragoza is nothing to be ashamed of as they are still placed in 6th position in the league (perhaps due to some superb display by their goalkeeper who is non other than Roberto Abbondanzieri!!!).

Thanks Helen for sharing with us on West Ham win over Arsenal (without our boys to be exact). So I guess it is going to be a long benched time for Tevez and Mascherano. Well I do agree with Seba, that their confident could grow along with the whole team’s performance but still the main question is would they get their chance back in the team? This is really worrying for me, as we all know how important they are for the future Albicelestes.


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